Monday, March 16, 2009

Mason Makes "ALL AMERICAN" status!

An All-American "team" is an honorary sports team composed of outstanding amateur players, those considered the best players of a specific season for each team position, who are referred to as All-America or, less precisely, All-American athletes.

ASU Press Release

In all, the Sun Devils qualified eight athletes to the meet, including three men and five women, with all five women scoring points toward the team total and two of the three men doing the same. All eight, however, each earned at least one All-America honor on the weekend, including true freshman
Mason McHenry in the men’s 800m run.
Mason learned a great deal about running Indoor Track and Field for the first time with the top collegiate runners when he went to nationals and came within 1/10th of a second in beating out top runner Jacob Hernandez in qualifying for the final round on Saturday.
8 Jacob Hernandez SR Texas 1:49.75q

9 Mason McHenry FR Arizona St. 1:49.85
IMHO, (In my humble opinion as a biased parent), when you watch the video we took of the race on our computer, you can see at the beginning where Mason was thrown off by a runner, was blocked by others from advancing and then at the end, looks like he was shoved back at the end right before the finish line. It was a surprise to me that contact is allowed in Indoor track, since we have never seen or had known the rules for Indoor track and Field events. But, from what Mason says, it is allowed and from interviews from other players, it makes it a lot more difficult in running a righteous race. For a better understanding I included these videos of interviews with the wnner, Hernandez and another runner.

Great interview that talks about getting stuck in the trash in the back, which looks like what happened to Mason.

Outdoor is different where contact or even getting into another runners lane is cause for being disqualified. Well, in High school I know it was. Not sure about College. We will find out.
If you look at the video and the pictures we tried to blow up, maybe you will see what we are trying to explain. We feel (As bisased parents) that if Mason was not pushed back by the players outstretched arm, he would have definitely made up that 1/10th of a second. Mason feels differently, since he knows more of what went on and what is allowed. He has accepted the results and tells us it was a huge learning experience. I am sure you won't have to tell him twice!! If you look at the video and the pictures we tried to blow up, mabye you will see what we are trying to explain. We feel that if Mason was not pushed back by the players outstretched arm, he would have definitly made up that 1/10th of a second.

Yes it is very hard to see, but, when we watched it on the live feed, it was very obvious, yet very legal. But, we are over this, and ready to move on.
Mason ran wonderful, and still holds the second fastest times this year in Indoor Track on the 800m run. None of the men that advanced to nationals beat his times. In fact, they should be embarrassed by the slow times they did. Remember, Mason's 2nd fastest time in the nation, collegiately, was 147.76 and at national, the First place was a 148.04. then last or 8th was a measly
152.28! So, IMHO, Mason's times for the season are proof enough of being a big winner! Until some one else comes along and can break his record times at ASU or in the Nation, he is my hero and hopes he knows how well he actually did his first season in indoor track. If he did in fact beat out Hernandezes times. Since him and Wheating were ranked to be the best, there would have been some very upset folks and most likely would have put out a contract on him..LOL! So it is good he did not upset the pack!

So, we are now onto Outdoor Track and field! Woohoo! Mason says he will be running the 4x400 this coming weekend and might be running in the longer distance races. Don't know why since he seems to do very well in the 800, but, that is the coaches call...not the mothers! So look forward to these updates as he races. We will not be able to go to any except the ones in Oregon, whine, whine. But, we are really looking forward to hopefully making it to Oregon for the championships!
Keep those good vibes and prayers coming and please be sure to vote above for the scooter I am trying to win for Mason. It would be a nice way for him to get around while living in AZ for the next few years.
It is so hard to have the kids so far away. Sarah is in Ohio and Mason in AZ. Hopefully we can at least come together once a year like we did during the holidays. It was so special to have them both here. They both miss eachother so much, so it was so nice to have them here and actually getting along!


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WOW! That is so amazing! You must be one proud mama! And I vote every time I stop over here! Good luck!

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I am so lucky to have a friend that juggles 10 things at a time but always finds the time to drop in and be a friend by leaving wonderful comments! Gee, even family does not do that! You rock!

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Hey Momma, been voting, when is the voting over?