Monday, March 2, 2009

Mason and the Bellingham Herald

See the article and interview in the Bellingham Herald by clicking here:
"Freshman Mason McHenry has wasted little time in making his mark in the Arizona State track and field record book. In just his second race as a collegian, the Sehome alum ran the fastest time in ASU history while winning the 800-meter dash at the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation Championships at Dempsey Indoor Stadium on the University of Washington campus Saturday, Feb. 28."
We cannot say how proud we are and how happy I am to have been able to see him race. It was tense there for a while thinking I could not go.
Then the traffic jams made it so we got there just in time to watch the race! We owe a big thanks to Garret, his mom and Dad, Lori and Scott, for sending us text messages to let us know about the traffic so we could go around it. They sent it just in time for us to take the alternate route and arrive just in time! I would have been devastated if I missed seeing Mason.
Be sure you all watch the video's of the race and interview and see the pictures I was able to take.
Now, if we can only get to see him at Nationals in Texas in a couple weeks. That would take a windfall! I am sure he will make it, but, if not, definitely next year.
You all have to remember, this is his first time ever running indoors on the smaller tracks. Which are harder because of the tighter turns. This is awesome what he has accomplished his FIRST two races!


eyesonlyfordave said...

Congrats Mason~~

Michele said...

Thanks Cindy!
It is going to be hard to not be able to watch him anymore until he races in Oregon in May!
I will have to rely on the media to get info and videos!