Monday, March 30, 2009

David Daer's Photography, Pictures of Mason!

Isn't this a great photo?
Isn't he handsome?
We found some wonderful pictures of Mason on David Daer's website that can be purchased.
We will probably buy so that we can post on our site, but, if anyone wants to purchase any of these photos, visit his page here:
There are about five pictures of Mason on page four.
It is great to know that there is somebody out there taking pictures when we can't.
To show our appreciation, you want to give everybody a heads up to his web site.
When you see the pictures, you are going to have to admit, they are great photos! Of course, it is Mason, he always takes a great picture!
I am a mom and can be biased!


Sharla said...

That picture is fantastic! And you have every right to be proud!! I love that you have quoted me in your comment shpeal above. You're so sweet!

Michele said...

just you wait, I'm going to see such great things from your children also! Just like I see my son's friends when they have a wonderful accomplishments. so when I see your kids accomplishments I'm going to claim how wonderful they are, because, I am your friend, so I can be biased!