Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sehome handed Lynden Christian a 7-1 Northwest Conference loss


From the Bellingham Herald Article,

Nino Tursic scored a hat trick and Sehome handed Lynden Christian a 7-1 Northwest Conference loss on Monday, March 30, at Bender Fields.
Sehome started quickly, with goals from Max Dewees, Tursic and Mike Klein, who scored twice, to take a 4-0 lead into half.
"They're incredibly explosive," Lynden Christian coach Brent DeRuyter said in a phone interview. "They really got it going in the first half when we just didn't communicate in the back."

The Lyncs' Alex Hansen collected eight saves on 19 Sehome shots. Kevin Lee scored for Lynden Christian in the 64th minute.
Garrett Dorough had a goal and assist for the Mariners.

Ah, Garrett, my Fav...

Go, Go Dorough!!!

Having Technical Difficulties

Please Help!
It looks like my posts are not being delivered to my subscribers! If you can click on the comments below and let me know if you are recieving updates, I would really appreciate it!
Hopefully you are. If not, that means, this very "tech challenged" gal will have to pretend to know what she is doing and fix the problem!
Thanks for you help!!

Ever Googled Yourself? You never know what Surprises are waiting for you.....

I have googled myself before. It must have been before I ever started blogging, because there were TONS of my comments left on blogs. OH, MY GOSH....EVERYTHING!! Glad I am not a troll that says stupid things just to get a rise out of people! Page after page after page of my comments for the whole world to see. Ha, ha!! At least they were nice things! I would hate to think I was saying horrible mean and disrespectful comments, oh, that would be so embarrassing!

You can tell most are from contests, others from blogs I like most, which I have listed on my side bar.

Then I came across a a Google account that said "CONGRATS!! Michele McHenry, you’re the winner of the Pulse convertible!"

What is a "Pulse Convertable" and when did I win it, and how come I have not gotten it yet?

"Michael?" I say to my computer. (I call my computer, Michael)
"Yes Michele?" my computer asks.
"Mouse down, stop, left click"
and the page opened where I found my name in huge bold letters....

CONGRATS!! Michele McHenry, you’re the winner of the Pulse convertible.
The contest is now closed.

I find that a contest I entered back in November of 2008 for a "Twisted Silver" piece of jewelry, had picked ME!! Oh, Oh, OH!! How many contests have I entered to win a piece of Twisted jewelry? I have lost count!! Why did they not notify me?
To say I LOVE their items is an understatement. It is my "hippy chick" style and I want almost every piece, especially their "7 Bracelet" and thier "Tangle Bangle"!!!

I could not find a place to email the web site owner, so I went to Twisted Silver and asked them, "Is it too late?" I see that Tina emailed me back...
"Yes, Michele?"
"Open Message!"
"Message open!"
and Tina writes "Oh, no not too late! Better late then never, right?"
I love their items. If I had a job, or disability, I would own a few pieces by now.
So, Tina asks me what color I want and to send my address, etc.
Yes Michele?
Reply to email.
Start dictation...and then I dictate all my info.
Stop dictation...
Dictation stopped, what can I do for you now?
Send email!
And off the email went!

I was so excited after especially after such a horrible week, and weekend and now a horrible day and evening. Even this morning would be better if I just go back to bed. But, I had to write this story first. Then I am going back to bed, yep, it is that bad!

The good lord decided to smile on me yesterday, which did not cure me or make all the horrible little green meanies go away. But, just a simple win, that I have wanted for a long time, brought joy into my otherwise painful, unproductive and wasted life!

So, I have to send a HUGE THANK YOU to Tina at Twisted Silver for making my life!! Yes, it is just a simple item, worth only $70, but, it is something that will make this woman feel like the woman I am or once was, a confident woman that feels like she might be beautiful, even if it is just for a few hours when I can wear it. It is invaluable to me. I hope one day to own a few more of her items...very soon!

Please visit their site: http://twisted-silver.com/ and have fun looking around at all the eclectic items they have. So original and so ME. I guess if you see their items you will get a good idea at what kind of style I have. Mom says I am a "Ubangee", I prefer, "Hippie Chick!"

So, stop by and take a look. If you get a chance, drop them a line to let them know how happy they made me in my otherwise dreary life! And buy something for yourself, or me, LOL!

And don't forget to Google your name one of these days, there might just be a surprise out there waiting for you too!!

Yes, Michele?
Stop Dictation!
Dictation stopped, what can I do for you now?

Monday, March 30, 2009

David Daer's Photography, Pictures of Mason!

Isn't this a great photo?
Isn't he handsome?
We found some wonderful pictures of Mason on David Daer's website that can be purchased.
We will probably buy so that we can post on our site, but, if anyone wants to purchase any of these photos, visit his page here: http://milestogo.azrunning.com/mtgcontent/gallery/2009_Baldy_Castillo_Pt2
There are about five pictures of Mason on page four.
It is great to know that there is somebody out there taking pictures when we can't.
To show our appreciation, you want to give everybody a heads up to his web site.
When you see the pictures, you are going to have to admit, they are great photos! Of course, it is Mason, he always takes a great picture!
I am a mom and can be biased!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

More to Come, watch for post tomorrow

The last two races, the Baldy Castillo Invite and the ASU Invitational, went very well for Mason. It is Mom that has fallen behind on her posts lately!
At the Baldy Castillo, Mason was able to come in first in his 4x400m heat, coming from 30m behind to win by 4 seconds. This put them in 8th overall. His split was 47.3! That is pretty good from what I hear!
Then last night, he ran the 800m at the ASU Invite and came in first and got the Regional qualifying time of 148.25.
with Mason McHenry taking the spotlight. A true freshman, McHenry won the 800m run by nearly two seconds, breaking the tape in 1:48.25 to record one of the top times in the nation this year. His time also stands as the sixth-best in program history.
Now ranked 6th best in ASU history for Outdoor Track in the 800m.
I will post more info later.
We both could not be more proud! We know he is up against some really tough competition in Outdoor Track and glad he is off to a great start!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Go, Go Garrett Dorough!!

After talking incessantly about my son Mason, this is a nice break to talk about another Whatcom County athlete that is a close friend of the family.

Garrett is a kick in the pants and like Mason, tends to keep his parents on the edge with his antics and changing directions, at the last moment!

Though I know Garrett has played soccer quite a bit in the past, he was running track the last couple years. He was on Mason’s team with Sehome. I should have asked his Mom, Lori, when he decided to run track. I am sure when he told her he was going to switch, it threw her for a curve. Just like it threw us for a curve when Mason, after playing baseball since he started T-Ball in the first grade, decided to switch to running track in his Jr. Year of High School.

Granted, Mason was running cross-country, but, baseball was his whole life…and Papa’s! Mason had his hand in a lot of things, and did very well. But, baseball was the priority, every year! He even went to pitching and hitting camps, batting cages, etc.
He was one of 2 sophomores in high school to play on the AAA, Post 7 Senior legion team that went on to play in the senior legion National World Series the following summer, which he passed up the chance to be a part of BECAUSE he switched to track!

So, when Lori told us about Garrett choosing Soccer this year, his senior year, I could only remember the shock, disbelief and worry about Mason changing his mind at the last moment, “What are you thinking!” quitting a sport you love and do well at to switch to a sport you have never participated in?

I remember his answer and always will. “I am not quitting to loose.” He told us confidently.

OK. Though my parents were very strict about us starting a sport or activity and quitting, I did not want my kids to loose out of the ability to go with their heart and choose what path they wanted to take. Sometimes, we may think we will enjoy it, then after getting involved, we decide it is not for us. So, we should have the option to change to find our true path. We also have to live with those consequences of changing and hope that it helps you in determining what your true calling is.

I am so glad that Garrett decided to go after what he wanted to do. It matters not that they become the next phenom at what they choose to do. It matters that they are doing what they enjoy most and that it brings them the most thrill, passion and satisfaction in their lives. It does not matter if it is a sport, or other activity such as music, science club, chess, etc. Just as long as it is what THEY want to do, or pursue. It might not be the first few activities they choose at first, since they will find their way eventually. It takes a lot of patience. For the parents, it is a continual learning process, and with enough patience, tolerance and support, the kids will find their way and be much better, well rounded and confident in their decisions.

Even if it means your child quitting after giving one activity a try, so they can try another. Like the time Mason tried Football in Middle School. It can get expensive and it can also be a pain changing your schedule to meet their needs of transportation, buying new equipment, etc. But, this is the only way, we as parents, are able to foster our kids needs to find their path and be able to envision their future goals.

I would rather go through these kinds of inconveniences, then not let them have the chance to be find an of activity or sport that brings them a passion in their lives to keep them focused, educated and healthy in mind and spirit. (I know that Papa had a real hard time with Mason decision since he was SO OBSESSED with Mason and baseball, but, he did good in letting loose and knowing it was not all about Papa) It is much better then us worrying about them sitting around playing video games or watching TV for hours upon hours a day, loitering at the mall, or getting involved in non-productive activities where they become lost from knowing what their talents and future goals are and discovering what talents they might have..

So, I hope all you kids know….we parents go through so much when you make ANY decision! Does not matter what it is, is will throw us for a loop because we are only concerned that you are doing what you need to do to stay on the path you chose, stay focused and accomplish your long range goals.

I am sure Garrett made this decision wisely, since his Mom told me that he has always enjoyed playing soccer. Garrett, to me, and you can tell by the photos I posted, is a real character!

Taking pictures and watching him play soccer for the first time, I could see how much he enjoys it! Very passionate, but, might want to hold back a little bit of those emotions that can go against you! Believe me, we know how hard it is to reign in those frustrations when the adrenaline gets going, especially when a player takes too long to tie his shoes!

Garrett’s School, Sehome High School and team, the Mariners, are now 2-1 after playing his first three non-conference games! GO, GO GARRETT DOROUGH! And SEHOME!

Last year Sehome beat Cheney, 2-1 for the 2A State Soccer Title! Garrett was on both 2A State Track and Field title teams the last couple of years. I got a great photo of him below when he was running the Steeplechase at the Birger Solberg Invitational, where he came in 1st place!

So, we are going to be keeping an eye on him for the season. We are not able to attend our own son’s meets, so we have decided to stalk Garrett for his senior year. I got permission from his mom, don’t worry!

We will keep a watch out and try to attend your home games, as long as the weather is good! So, be on your best behavior, because you never know if we get it on video! LOL! So, GO SEHOME and

Monday, March 16, 2009

Mistakes and changes Made to Previous Post

So sorry, it is hard getting use to dictating on my new software and making sure I correct mistakes and add the right links..LOL. Bear with me. But, if you read the previous post, just know I made some corrections to it after it was delivered to everyone. Thanks for your patience!

Mason Makes "ALL AMERICAN" status!

An All-American "team" is an honorary sports team composed of outstanding amateur players, those considered the best players of a specific season for each team position, who are referred to as All-America or, less precisely, All-American athletes.

ASU Press Release

In all, the Sun Devils qualified eight athletes to the meet, including three men and five women, with all five women scoring points toward the team total and two of the three men doing the same. All eight, however, each earned at least one All-America honor on the weekend, including true freshman
Mason McHenry in the men’s 800m run.
Mason learned a great deal about running Indoor Track and Field for the first time with the top collegiate runners when he went to nationals and came within 1/10th of a second in beating out top runner Jacob Hernandez in qualifying for the final round on Saturday.
8 Jacob Hernandez SR Texas 1:49.75q

9 Mason McHenry FR Arizona St. 1:49.85
IMHO, (In my humble opinion as a biased parent), when you watch the video we took of the race on our computer, you can see at the beginning where Mason was thrown off by a runner, was blocked by others from advancing and then at the end, looks like he was shoved back at the end right before the finish line. It was a surprise to me that contact is allowed in Indoor track, since we have never seen or had known the rules for Indoor track and Field events. But, from what Mason says, it is allowed and from interviews from other players, it makes it a lot more difficult in running a righteous race. For a better understanding I included these videos of interviews with the wnner, Hernandez and another runner.

Great interview that talks about getting stuck in the trash in the back, which looks like what happened to Mason.

Outdoor is different where contact or even getting into another runners lane is cause for being disqualified. Well, in High school I know it was. Not sure about College. We will find out.
If you look at the video and the pictures we tried to blow up, maybe you will see what we are trying to explain. We feel (As bisased parents) that if Mason was not pushed back by the players outstretched arm, he would have definitely made up that 1/10th of a second. Mason feels differently, since he knows more of what went on and what is allowed. He has accepted the results and tells us it was a huge learning experience. I am sure you won't have to tell him twice!! If you look at the video and the pictures we tried to blow up, mabye you will see what we are trying to explain. We feel that if Mason was not pushed back by the players outstretched arm, he would have definitly made up that 1/10th of a second.

Yes it is very hard to see, but, when we watched it on the live feed, it was very obvious, yet very legal. But, we are over this, and ready to move on.
Mason ran wonderful, and still holds the second fastest times this year in Indoor Track on the 800m run. None of the men that advanced to nationals beat his times. In fact, they should be embarrassed by the slow times they did. Remember, Mason's 2nd fastest time in the nation, collegiately, was 147.76 and at national, the First place was a 148.04. then last or 8th was a measly
152.28! So, IMHO, Mason's times for the season are proof enough of being a big winner! Until some one else comes along and can break his record times at ASU or in the Nation, he is my hero and hopes he knows how well he actually did his first season in indoor track. If he did in fact beat out Hernandezes times. Since him and Wheating were ranked to be the best, there would have been some very upset folks and most likely would have put out a contract on him..LOL! So it is good he did not upset the pack!

So, we are now onto Outdoor Track and field! Woohoo! Mason says he will be running the 4x400 this coming weekend and might be running in the longer distance races. Don't know why since he seems to do very well in the 800, but, that is the coaches call...not the mothers! So look forward to these updates as he races. We will not be able to go to any except the ones in Oregon, whine, whine. But, we are really looking forward to hopefully making it to Oregon for the championships!
Keep those good vibes and prayers coming and please be sure to vote above for the scooter I am trying to win for Mason. It would be a nice way for him to get around while living in AZ for the next few years.
It is so hard to have the kids so far away. Sarah is in Ohio and Mason in AZ. Hopefully we can at least come together once a year like we did during the holidays. It was so special to have them both here. They both miss eachother so much, so it was so nice to have them here and actually getting along!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mason punches his ticket to Nationals!

He has come so far from a little boy and having his hand into everything from Chess, video's, Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Baseball, bowling, Cello, Bass and Bass Guitar and other stuff, to finally running track in his last 2 years of high school.
BTW, I wanted Sharla to see these pictures of Mason, when he was a young boy! Wait till I start telling stories of the first time he started throwing us into a state of shock! That will be a long post...edited by Papa so I don't embarrass Mason! These pictures are so valuable when they get older, so be sure to have these and any videos kept safe. Believe me, you will need them for the High School Parent ads in the Year Books, as well as providing them to girlfriends and other friends and family when they do things that make you proud! Anyway, I am so happy I made it to the MPSF Championships to see him win. I so wish I could go and see him at Nationals and it IS KILLING ME knowing I won't be there to see how he does and embarrass him by crying and hugging and doing all that other stuff proud mama’s do. Yesterday I was having a fit waiting for Flotrack to post the video…and then when the video got cut off at the end…I almost had a heart attack…I swear my chest started to hurt! Thanks to the mom and dad of one of the other runners for providing their personal video to Flotrack so we could see the end. I recommend that you watch both..so that you can hear the announcers.
We were shocked...which is an understatement on his time of 1.47.76 when he called and told us after he ran! I am sure everyone was, including the announcers as well as coaches and all of Mason’s friends and supporters!
At the last chance races for indoor track in Aimes, Iowa, Mason broke his own record he set the week before in Seattle for ASU's fastest 800m run. As I told you in the blog before that record was set 24 years ago. His time now, puts him 2nd in the nation after Andrew Wheating who was a member of the 2008 Olympic team in Beijing!!!
He will now run in Texas with the fastest 800m indoor track runners in the nation, including Andrew Wheating, and Jacob Hernandez who has a time of 1.48.04 who won Nationals last year
. He has really thrown all of us for a loop with how he has shaved so much time off his high school times in the little time he has been at college and just in the 3 races he has run! I had a feeling once his Stress Fracture healed, with as well as he was running while injured, he would do very well. Imagine my surprise at HOW WELL!
There are a lot of people in the running community, here locally as well as his sister and my other friends all over the states, that are very excited as well as supporting him and wishing him well. Here is the link to the Bellingham Herald Article Just click here: "WHATCOM CONNECTIONS: Squalicum alum gains NAIA All-American status" Mason is in the middle of 3 athletes in the article that have made their marks at the collegiate level. GO WHATCOM!
I really want to thank Lori, Scott and Garrett for all their kind support by traveling to Seattle to cheer him on. So sorry Alex and Mason's other friends got stuck in the traffic and missed it. But, a huge thank you to Lori and family for being there not only for Mason, but, for us also!!
Now it is time for a prayer chain to help guide Mason as he embarks on this very important journey to Nationals that will at Texas A&M in College Station, Texas on Friday and Saturday this week!
I will be sure to make a post, but, just him going to Nationals is a HUGE honor! We will be so happy if he just makes it across the line! Again, thanks to all of you and please put in a good word to the Lord above for Mason to do his best at Nationals. BTW…yes…I balled like a baby when Mason called!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Mason and the Bellingham Herald

See the article and interview in the Bellingham Herald by clicking here:
"Freshman Mason McHenry has wasted little time in making his mark in the Arizona State track and field record book. In just his second race as a collegian, the Sehome alum ran the fastest time in ASU history while winning the 800-meter dash at the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation Championships at Dempsey Indoor Stadium on the University of Washington campus Saturday, Feb. 28."
We cannot say how proud we are and how happy I am to have been able to see him race. It was tense there for a while thinking I could not go.
Then the traffic jams made it so we got there just in time to watch the race! We owe a big thanks to Garret, his mom and Dad, Lori and Scott, for sending us text messages to let us know about the traffic so we could go around it. They sent it just in time for us to take the alternate route and arrive just in time! I would have been devastated if I missed seeing Mason.
Be sure you all watch the video's of the race and interview and see the pictures I was able to take.
Now, if we can only get to see him at Nationals in Texas in a couple weeks. That would take a windfall! I am sure he will make it, but, if not, definitely next year.
You all have to remember, this is his first time ever running indoors on the smaller tracks. Which are harder because of the tighter turns. This is awesome what he has accomplished his FIRST two races!