Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shoreline Invite at Lakewood

Beautiful day for a race! Mason won the 1600m run in 4:12.56! So far this puts him as number 1 in the state and number 3 in the country for High Schools so far. He has dropped from number 4 in the 800m to number 7. But has not run the 800m in several weeks. His numbers at Shoreline qualifies him to participate in the Golden West Invitational in Sacramento this June!

He will have a great time staying with his Uncle Bob who is a Triathelete and use to be a sports trainer! I have a great picture of him when he was into body building. Yeah, I know..he is pretty ripped. Mason will be in good hands. Mason looks up to him as a mentor, though he is horrible at calling or texting like he should!

Anyway, here is another picture of my bro, take when he was younger, but, I believe he is still involved in doing triathalons, etc..I am sure he will help Mason along. Mason probably will not win, this is his first time competeing at the national level. But, this will be good for him. We are not sure what heat he will run yet. I am so excited for Mason and wish we could go and watch also. Well, at I wish that at least Papa could go so he can Video tape! Oh, wait, we can send the camera with Mason and Uncle Bob can take the videos! I live for watching the videos of the kids from when they were babies to now. They are memories that I truly treasure.

I have tons of pictures I would love to scan, put on disc and make flip books with. It is a good way to keep your pictures safe, especially if you get a fire Proof box to store them in. A lot of our pictures we would also like to pass onto the kids..but, keep! So, these would also make great gifts, and a way to keep them ourselves also, expecially when you can load them into picture frames and have the pictures change every few minutes, these are so cool.

I bet I hear from my girls about this! Especially Sarah. I think all kids start wanting family heirlooms and photos more as they get older. I know I do, and Sarah, since she is the oldest, has been telling me how important our family tree is to her. So I will have to make her something soon.

This is also a good way for families to come together, especially when everyone is so apart. Blogging has been great for our families and friends. It is good to hear how every one is doing lately and not worry about cell phone charges! LOL! Especially when I write novals for a text message!

We will be posting the 4x400m run that Mason also did at Shoreline as soon as we get it loaded. It seems that my sound (only the internet sound) is all weird since we loaded the software for copieing the video. So, we worked on trying to fix that for a long time yesterday! It is ok on other computers, just mine is screwy. So, bear with us as we try to fix this!.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No Race for Mase

It has been a long couple weeks not being able to watch the Maseman participate in any races. Last week they had him throw the Javelin, which he had never…ever done before, not even in practice! But, he did better then a lot of kids that throw it all the time! But, not near as well as the best throwers. Javelin is not his thing! Sorry Mase...you are so good at almost everything..except this! But, he had a great time and you could see all the guys trying to help him with his form before he threw, even from the other schools! This is the one thing I like about this part of the country...all the schools are very respectful of each other. They work together, and have fun together even in the toughest competitions!

So, he has not ran for a couple weeks. Since the Birger Solberg race. They cancelled the Eason Invitational due to 6 inches or so of SNOW! And of course, we need to make sure Mason is in solid shape to meet qualifying times. We are crossing our fingers. He will run this Saturday at the Shoreline Invite. Training is very crucial right now. He promised to make his targeted time on his Papa and Ma’s 20th Anniversary next week after at Sub-districts!

Yes..20 wild and wonderful years! Congrats to us for sticking it through, bad times, good times, sickness and health and KIDS!

It has been quiet around here and it does not help when I run a fever. That keeps me from keeping up with things. But, Papa got me a new tool that proved to help me get out and about, even with a fever and when I am having problems with my equilibrium.

It is called a “Hugo”, but, we named her “Karmin”. I would always get a cart in stores, but, when the cart got full, I could not push it and then be on my own hanging on to Papa so that I would not fall or get off balance as I would turn my head while walking.

I have to say that I resisted pretty hard about it. Even tried to get Mason to say he would be embarrassed to be seen with me using it. Didn’t work. And then after using it on a very bad day, with a fever of 101, and being able to sit when I needed and putting my usually heavy purse in the pouches, I found that this was a much needed friend to help me and my independence.

Though, it really helped that day, I should have stayed home since I was completely wasted afterwards! But, it worked so well at my worst, I know it is a keeper.

It is well suited for me, who has a condition that comprimises my balance. And since I have diminished arm strength and coordination, I don't have to lift it up and down, up and down, like you do a walker or cane. Plus I cannot lean on the cane...it hurts! I cannot stand for even short periods of time or kneel down to get to the bottom shelves in stores so now, I can sit for both. As sick as I was when I took it for its first test drive, I did much better then when I am well!

Now I just need to get over the obviousness of having a disease process that requires this kind of tool, especially when I am such a young, hot momma. NOT! But, I do plan to get out more on my own now that I do have it. I really am not that vain…just in denial. I am NOT taking it back!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Birger Solberg Invitational - 2 Golds For Mason

Click the link above to read the Bellingham Herald's News story for all the information.

What a beautiful day for a race! And a popular race it is becoming!

There was lots of excitment and shocking outcomes, the kids efforts really paid off.

Even Nathan Seely, pushed himself and almost over came Mason in the 800m. Really made Mason work for his first place medal with Nathan Coming in second.

The sprinters and the girls 1600m were all very exciting, and quite the upset in the 1600m with Annie Moore taking the gold by a pinch. Go Annie!

Mason claimed the 800 in 1:54.38, inches ahead of Seely’s 1:54.89 in a tight race, and he also won the 1,600 in 4:19.54 to lead the defending state champion Sehome boys to second with 87 points behind Class 4A Tacoma Wilson. So far, Mase has not lost a individual race this season.

But, he needs to run a 1:52 or better to qualify for the race down in Sacremento.

It was the best day weather wise, in months. I think a lot of us, including Mason got a tan that day!

Now I can't resist posting this picture of one of Mason's buddies that ran and won the seldom-run 2,000 steeplechase. He is a kick! His time was 6:40.32, and was well ahead of the others. Here he is, looks like he is just out for a jog?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Arnie Young Invite-Mason sets a few Records!

Stadium, school and meets records were set by Mason in the 800m race. He also got a nice plaque for "Athlete of the Meet". The comments by the announcer at the end of the race were pricelss. Enjoy the video!!

Stop by for this contest.....

This is Fate as well as a GREAT SWEEP! Read on and visit Seven dogs and a baby and enter to win this wonderful "Sparkle" necklace!
On on Lisa Leonards blog...I found EXACTLY what I was looking for! The exact style and writing, size...it is fate, I swear.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Can't Wait!

To Post the video of the Arnie Young Invitational Mason ran this past Saturday!

He set Stadium, school and meet records and also recieve the "Athlete of the Meet" award.

As soon as Papa gets it uploaded I will post.

Though his time was very good, he still needs to improve by a second to qualify for the Adidas Race in Sacremento in June. We shall see!

Ok...hurry up Papa!

My family Rocks!

What a weekend!

Disability really is a pain in my social life. Cannot make appointments...period. Seems like I always have to cancel. I hate it when I cannot attend a meet of Mason's. But, so thankful Papa video tapes it so I can see it as soon as they get home!

Gotta write in a daily journal about it, the attornies say I should. It makes me realize how much I don't get done. But, what I should look at is what I DO get done instead. Hard to do when you have gone from such an active person all my life, working since the 3rd grade, to doing almost nothing, except the computer, some crafts and occasional housework.

What I am thankful for is my family and close friends. It has been so hard on them, but, they have been the ones to help me from sinking into the depths of depression for feeling useless.

So today I want to share some pictures of them, in their honor for all they do for me. All their encoragement and unconditional love they have for me. And lets not forget all the extra work they have to do, because I can't. Thanks, and I love you all!

Above is Sarah, my oldest with her new husband Michael, then there is Papa, AKA, Greg, the love of my life, and below of course, Mason, then my Brother who has been a great help to him and my youngest daughter Leah. Who is now a lot older then the Picture taken, but, she still looks the same!

I have so many pictures and as soon as I figure out how to do a slide show on here, I will make one. Until then, I guess we have to deal with the mess of how the get placed in the post! But, enjoy, getting to know the people in my life. They are all so special and have done wonderful things. As we go along, I hope I can tell you the stories about them that made them who they are today!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

An Island Life and the Fine art of Family Sweeps

You have to check out this site, An Island Life . I get her emails daily, probably because it brings back the memories of when I use to live there. It is nice to read her blogs and she also has contests! The contest she has going now is for a beautiful Image Case Necklace, worth up to $150 from The Fine Art of Family. You MUST see their site, it is full of wonderful treasures that I am sure will become coveted heirlooms for years to come. In fact...I am surprised it took me this long to find them and add them to my favorite jewelry sites list! So, you must go, check it out and enter the contest. I think you will become addicted to Kailani's site and also start bugging the man for an addition to your collection of heirlooms from the other. Gotta go and figure out how to get her button put on the blog. So much to learn...so little time!

Bedlington Twilight Invitational

Turn down the sound on the video to hear the music without the crowd.

Have fun watching this video of 1600 of Mason. It also includes Jonathan Lafler from Tahoma High School, who took 4th at the Cross Country Championships, Fall of 2007. If you notice going out the first lap, no one seemed to want to pass Mason. Josh Simpson, from Burlington-Edison High School, who came in 6th for 2A, the same year. Did not seem pleased at Mason's pace, and was telling Mason "I hate you, I hate you" as they were running the backside of the track. Funny!

Good race guys!

Last night Mason ran the Arnie Young Invitational and broke the met, stadium, and school records for the 800m dash. The school was his own. He is now listed on Athletic.net as number one in the country, but, is still not on Dyestate as number 4 in the nation. He was selected as the "Male Track Athlete of the Meet".

He did good and wish I was there to see it! But, long drive and not knowing the stadium set up, I could not risk it. But, Papa brought home the video and I will post that as soon as he gets it on CD. It is exciting to watch.

You can see him in the paper by clicking here: Bellingham Herald

His goal is to run a 152 to qualify for the Adidas Invitational in California in June. If he does, he is going on a trip and he will be able to see his Uncle, who is a great athlete himself as well as a trainer. So, he will be in excellant hands!

More Later!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Bellingham Herald Announcement

Click the link to read the article from today. I am glad they used the picture with Papa. Papa is so very proud and has been the one to support him, attend every game, meet, recital, etc. I am very proud of Mason and so happy for Papa, it is a dream come true for them both and me. All my kids are wonderful and I have to say, they had the best Papa to help support them in all their goals.

There was also this article the days before:

So, off to ASU this summer. It is going to be a long trip! And it is also going to cost, since it is out of state. He did have an offer from U of W, but, when we met with him it was pretty obvious Mason had no intention of attending. It is a great school. Mason just liked the ASU program, campus and commitments that ASU is willing to provide. But, gosh, the U would have been so close….so nice! But, it is Mason’s choice…he is the one that has to live and learn there!

Now, we have to start getting use to the idea of him being SO far away. It has been mostly all about him since the girls left and he has kept us pretty busy. I can't imagine what it will be like when he is gone. Especially for Papa, who is the one that has gone to every event Mason ever had. He might have missed one or two in the 18 years of this boys life, but, believe me, it was not by his choice! I have this feeling, Papa is going to be planning some trips for us to take next year!

I have to say, we are very proud of Mason for the decisions he has made that got him here. He was always throwing Papa and I loops with the things he has done since he was a toddler.

For instance, when he was in the 1st or 2nd grade. He had been playing chess with Papa for a few years, but, now he wanted to enter a tournament. A tournament? So, Papa just told him to print out the application and Papa would give him the Entrance Fee and send it off. Mason did, he got what he needed, and filled out the forms, etc. And Papa paid the fee.

Off we go, he wins the first round, and we are happy for his luck. He wins the second round and we are wondering what the heck is going on? He wins the THIRD one and we are dumbfounded as well as other parents who never saw this child before come in and just start winning! So they are asking us who we are, where did this kid come from, etc. The last match he loses, but, he ties for 3rd place. Oh, My, Gosh! Talk about tickled, proud and totally blown away parents! And Mason...disappointed he did not win! We had to tell him over and over how well he did and proud we were!

This is the kind of thing he has done to us all his life. Every time we turn around he is doing something that makes our jaw drop. Like the day he came home from elementary school. "how was your day?" I asked him after a while. "Oh, okay." He says as he plays his game. "Well, what did you do, do you have homework?" "No, no homework. Today we had the "All school marathon." He tells me. "You did? Well, how did you do in it?" I asked while I continued to work in the kitchen. And you know what he says to me....."Oh, I came in first." as he continued to play his game! Like, no big deal...who cares....quit bugging me, I am playing my game! What?!! I made him repeat it!

He never tooted his own horn and always just did what he wanted. He would just happen to do well at just about everything. I mean, he started bowling before he even started school, and played every fall till I think right after starting high school. He was also involved in playing the Cello. Not to mention, playing baseball since T-ball till his Jr. Year when he decided he wanted to quit and run instead. What?!

You want to quit baseball? We were a bit taken aback. Especially Papa, who LOVES Baseball! But, he says, "I am not quitting baseball to loose." And he mentions he is going to run track. Well, ok. He was already running Cross Country and doing well. He was the only "male" runner to qualify for state that year on the boys team from his school, and had to go with the whole girls team to the state meet. (They actually let him take a friend, so he would not be "alone"). That was interesting!

But, when he got to Sehome, he had a wonderful mentor, Jake Riley. Mason thrived on Jakes help and loved competing with him and learning from one of the best runners in the state. The rest is history.

So, Good going Mason and Papa….you both have brought me so much pride in all that you do and have done. You have made me one proud Mama!

And to all that has helped support Mason, by helping to provide shoes, rides or those that came to cheer him and the team on. Everyone’s help was very instrumental in Mason’s desire to do his best.

On another note…there is something very important I have been thinking about for a while. You hear me now and how I am trying to think of ways to raise money for Mason’s future. It being hard now that I am not allowed to work, per Doctors order, I am trying more creative and resourceful ways to provide. So, this is an important subject.

They one thing that ALWAYS bugged me was the fact that it takes SO much money to support your kids through these programs. We wanted our kids to be active in what they liked, but, it costs a fortune to do it. It is NOT fair to other very talented children whose parents are not able to afford the fees or other costs it takes to join these programs.

Of course it takes money to run these programs and there are numerous parents and other people that volunteer their time to help out. There has even been times when Mason was provided with equipment and discounts when we could not afford it by very generous people, and others that let us pay later. Kudos to them for all their selflessness. If it was not for them, Mason and many kids would not be where they are today. But, it is not enough. We barely were able to do it and went in the hole a couple times doing it. There were many times we had to tell one of the kids, "no, I am sorry, we cannot afford it."

And now, we have to come up with College costs. Costs that I know, many families would not be able to pay. Even though Mason got a scholarship, we are still responsible for the rest, that the scholarship does not cover. And it is a chunk of change. Kids and parents should not be denied this kind of opportunity because they do not have the income.

That should never have to happen to any child or parent. My dream is to have a fund for kids to use so they can participate in programs and sports. A fund for any child that wants to participate, but, cannot due to money they do not have. A fund to help with fees, equipment, transportation, etc.

Children and parents need to have access to these programs for so many reasons. The two most important ones I can think of are: One, to keep them busy and out of trouble and another is to help curb the obesity in kids that have nothing to do but, sit and either watch T.V. or play video games.

There are programs out there, especially here in our city for kids to go to. But, even with the programs, there are still costs to have lessons, join teams, buy equipment, or even have transportation to the events and practices.

I have watched through the years, how it seems only the well off families were able to pay and play. We are loosing out on many, many other talented and willing children because of this.

So, it is something that has been on my mind. And when I can think of a way, I just might start such a fund, so our kids can have that chance and parents don't need to go bankrupt trying to provide their children with the opportunities to succeed. I just have to think of ways to raise the money and have a plan on how the funds would be distributed. That is a lot! But, I got some time now, so I should start to see what it would take to do this. Maybe when I get my crafts done, I can donate a percentage. But, I am sure that would not bring in enough.

If anyone has ideas…please share!

Gotta go….now, I am sure you all have had enough. I know I have! I will talk to you all soon enough!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

BLAH! Been ill and no FUN!

OK, so the school is suppose to FINALLY be doing the formal signing today for the "Letter of Intent" to the College Mason has chosen. Seems someone kept forgetting to get it together. Hummm. Of course he already signed it and sent it back. But, the college wants a deal made of it. Not sure if it will be in the paper or not. We the parents are kept out of the loop on so many things!

I have been out with a sinus infection. Which is like have a migrain from h-e double l.
So, I am not writting much. Hurts to even look at the computer screen! So, bear with me as I get over this Sinus infection.
Mason is still undefeated and has a race in Renton this Saturday. LONG drive! The cost in gas alone is going to be about 50 bucks. That should be illegal! But, we gotta go, it is so important. Even if I can't, Papa will. He never misses a game, a meet...anything. He is ALWAYS there and when Mason was playing baseball, he kept the score and stats for both teams. I was NOT allowed to talk to him, especially when he had both books!
I am also still waiting for Papa to upload the videos of the races. He has been busy, but, it is like... I have to be patient and be quiet. Always afraid I will say something to embarrass him. After 18 years, what is it that I have done that is so bad to make them think I would do something to embarrass him? I guess everything and anything!
So, I am not the whacked out stage mom, you might thing I am, and could never be one since my kids won't let me. Shoot, I can't even tell you what school he is going to untill the formal announcement! And we are the ones paying for a hefty portion of his education! You think I would have the right to announce it to anyone I wanted!!
Ok, on a different subject, and on of my favorite subjects, I did WIN another sweepstakes. I will be sure to tell you all about it when I am able to. Hopefully, it won't take too long before I get it! So, if I can do it, you all can do it! So, enter, enter, enter. I have found some wonderful sites, friends and products by doing so. It is a win either way.
I can say, that like the "Robe" I won that is pictured below, this too will bring much comfort to my disabled body. These kind of prizes I really love. I have to bless the good Lord for sending me things that help me feel a little better!

PS...enjoy the picture of my Daughter that I did with the Microsoft Digital Program. I just love it. I have lots of fun with the program, especially when I can make myself look better!! I am having fun with fixing up the pictures and especially making up black and whites. I will have to post some of Papa too soon, my striking viking!