Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mason In the Bellingham Herald and another picture by David Daer

Though he's less than a year removed from Sehome High School, Mason McHenry is already making a name for himself with the Arizona State track and field team.

The video is above, so be sure to watch it. It is awesome! He won by 2 seconds which is about 20 meters or so. You have to see it!

The picture above was taken right before the finish line. Notice how he is not struggling as the other runners are. When I was able to talk to him he said that it was a smooth run and did not take much energy.

The only weird thing for us when we watch him run, now that he is in college, is his new stradegy of running in the back and then kicking it at the end. If everyone remembers seeing his videos from when he was in High School, you will remember how he and Jake Riley were always in front. Now Mason starts in the back. Though it worries us, we are getting use to it!

After the article you will be glad to see I left a comment. As a proud, biased mom usually does. I have to remember to go and leave a comment about Kristen Carter who was mentioned also that did a wonderful job also.

Mason is going to be running at the 30th Sun Angel Classic in Tempe on Saturday. Be sure to look for updates then.

Right now he is ranked first in the nation. It may change any day now as more races and times come in. The true test will be at the West Regional’s were he has to place in the first 5 to be invited to the National Meet.

Keep up those prayers and especially VOTES! I can tell when you vote…MASON! I am thinking of having a contest. Just trying to figure out what kind of prize people would want. Any ideas…send my way! I don’t think an Autographed picture of Mason will be that desirable until he makes it to the Olympics! LOL!
Special thanks to Lori and Whoever is voting from Lynden area. Email me so I know who you are! I see you voting daily, but, can't figure out who you are!

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