Friday, April 17, 2009

Mason Runs at Sun Angel Classic and PR's by about 6 seconds in the 1500

This is Mason's first time running the 1500m in Outdoor Track, and was able to improve his time be a whopping 6 seconds to come in 13th! It was a thrilling race with everyone coming down on the field to watch the finale.
Brandon Bethke, who did the interview with Mason on Flotrack last week was able to place 3rd! A very thrilling race to watch and great interview with Mason after the race is a great watch. So thankful for Flotrack, it is almost like I get to see him more now then when he was at home, with him either training, spending the night at friends or in his room playing video games.
So, a huge thanks to Flotrack for all their work and videos for all the teams!


Sharla said...

Congrats! So fun!

danandmarsh said...

Great going Mason!! Every second counts for sure!! :)

Sharla said...

I put your button up on my blog but
it says the image has been removed or deleted. It may be because it is a moving one, I don't know. If you would like me to make you a button I'd be glad to! Heck, I'd be glad to give you a blog makeover if you want one! You just let me know.

Michele said...

Marsha, thanks so much! Every second does count! It was really cool when he broke the record and improved his time by almost 1 second in one week!!
Sharla, you go girl!! Make me beautiful, I know you can!