Monday, April 27, 2009

A new and fabulous look to my Blog, come see!

A wonderful friend of mine, Sharla, re-designed my Blog! I wanted you all to come and see the new Look! And if you have time, please leave me a comment telling me how you like it. Do you think it it is more my style?

I simply love it! The colors and graphics all fit me to A tee! I love the Mediterranean colors, and graphics that she put in that header. You all know how much I love my knitting and crafts!

I also love the New button! It reminds me of my love of woodworking, and refinishing older furniture. I think she nailed me right on the head! Now, if people want to put my button on their blog, they can! Not that I have too many people that want to put my button on their blog! LOL!
So come and take a look, and please help me thank her, by giving a huge thank you for all her hard work and help in making my Blog so fabulous and much more personal in the way it fits my style!

I cannot believe that she did this for me for free! People pay money to get this kind of thing done. And for her to go out and do this for me is saying a lot of the kind of person and friend she is to me. She has not done it just for me, she has done it for others also. And she does not have a lot of time on her hands, when she works, and has twins! Plus she has her own blog that she has to worry about! This shows you what a giving person she is and how she takes time for others, though she barely has time for herself! So, thank you, thank you, thank you! You rock!

If you want to visit her blog, just click on the button above, called "the mom nerd" and it will take you right to her blog. She has lots of contests, reviews on books and all kinds of other great topics. So, if you have some time, visit her and maybe you might find a great contest to enter or book review or even a product review! She is funny and to the point. I love reading her blogs.


Anonymous said...

Love the new look. You are truely blessed to have these special friends.

Momnerd said...

Aaaaw, you made me cry. You really are so sweet, Michele. I am so glad that I could help and that you like it. And you'll have some buttons on the top there soon!

sarah said...

hey mom!!! i love your new desighn it is so you!! your friend did awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the new look! Wish I had friends as talented as yours.