Thursday, April 30, 2009

To late for the Tulip Festival!

It is bad enough that I did not get my daffodils planted in time. You all know I have been moving like a slug!! But, then we decided to go to the Tulip festival in Skagit Valley. And we were about a week late!!
The last time we went was years ago when the kids where small and I did not have a digital camera. So, I have a bunch of really cute pictures burried in a box with a thousand other photos that are not in any order. So, if you think I am going to go through them to find them and scan and post, you are out of your bloody mind!! These are all the pictures I got stamps and stickers and paper for to make albums and frames for. Yeah, right, like that is going to happen with the 300 other projects I have not completed yet!
Anyway, we should have gone during the week, even though most all of the fields were bare or full of daffodils that needed to be dead headed because the traffic was horrific!! Even with the very small amount that was left! People were everywhere and it took us an hour to get back to the freeway, which should have only taken us 10 minutes. I was a little nervous since the tank was close to know how men are, "OH, Don't get your panties in a wad, there is PLENTY of gas!" If you knew of all the places I was stranded by men who said this, you would understand why I wear thongs.
Anyway, we tried to go by Tulip Town, which is where everyone goes for arts and crafts and goodies from the local artists and bakeries. But, it was so packed! No where to park and I could not imagine trying to manevur my walker through it all. People are not so friendly when it comes to my huge rolling walker getting in their way.
Believe it or not the festival and activities are going on until May 3rd! There are no fields of color to adore and take pictures of, but, lots of stuff to spend money on!
But, what I thought was real special was when I read that Official Tulip Festival Jewelry maker Warren Jewelers has decided to help area people on Mother's Day who are unemployed or laid off with a gift of tulip jewelry. While supplies last, Warren Jewelry will give you a silver tulip pendant with chain when you present an unemployment stub or letter of termination.
To learn more, click on this years Tulip Poster and it will take you to all the information, plus it has an online store.
I made Papa promise that next year, we would make sure to plan this sooner and that we would save to take the helicopter ride and come during the WEEK and not the WEEKEND when it is 10x more crowded! I have been in a helicopter, but, Papa has not. It is a blast!! I have been in almost every kind of aircraft except the jets dad flew. But, I was always able to go inside and see them. I can't imagine how beautiful the fields are from above! If you go to the site, you will be able to see wonderful pictures of the fields. But, I only wanted to post the pictures we were able to take. And of course the poster, which you can click on to get to the official site.
We had always put off going because the kids were always doing something or I was working, etc. Now, there is no excuse to miss it next year! We are going early and buying bulbs and crafts and taking that helicopter ride even if I have to sell something to make it happen!
I am just praying that even though I got the daffodils in the ground late, they will still be good for next year. I am not sure. If anyone knows...let me know! I cannot plant tulips since the Deer will eat those. But, they will not touch the Daffodils, thank you kind animals! Every thing is getting done very slowly. I work on one thing at a time and the big stuff I have to wait till the weekend for so Papa can help. If our soil did not consist of mostly rocks, it would not be so bad! Plus we have 100 Rhodies and Azealias planted everywhere that have become spindly and overgrown we need to get rid of. much to do, but, not enough energy or strength. Use to be I could spend all day out in the yard. Now I am lucky for an hour before I need to come in.
I am glad we got the pictures we did get and hope you like them. Next year, I promise they will be much better!
We did make it to Costco in time for gas. Phew. And we had never seen the parking lot so empty! We were so excited to be able to shop with hardly any people...LOL! Until we got to the door and they said they closed 15 minutes earlier. Shoot! If we were not stuck in traffic so darn long! oh, well, there was nothing THAT important that it could not wait till tomorrow when it would definitly be crowded, except for the gas which thankfully stayed open later!


Anonymous said...

Even though we were stuck mostly in the car together that day, I had fun. How come you didn't post the pictures of us?

danandmarsh said...

Bet that festival would be awesome to see!!
Yeah Dan likes to run on E all the time. "Oh we have plenty of gas!" and yeah we have run out of gas before. They just never want to listen do they? LOL!!

danandmarsh said...

Oh my brother that is walking from California to Jerusalem, has made it to Kansas. Him and his wife will be here at my place Tuesday!
you can read his journal at