Friday, June 12, 2009

Calling all Empty Nesters!

I feel like the lone man out in the blogging world.
Though I like a few blogs, that are moms of young children and how they are so much like I was so many years ago, somehow I do not fit. They don't want to hear from me, they are trying to get through the early years and are not ready to hear about the future. Though I will enter some of their contests so I can win prizes for my daughter and her husband for when they FINALLY honor me with a grandchild, I still find it hard to relate to all that are experiencing things and talking about situations that I have already gone through.
I am lucky to be a member of some that are not just all about being moms and who have other interests. It is so fun, and I learn a lot from them, though they don't learn much from me even though I usually talk 4-EV-ER! I think I have the longest posts known to man. They write wonderful, funny posts, have some great contests, not just for mom's of small children, they review books and household items and talk about everything!
Anyway, I went searching for the older set of bloggers, the empty nesters. Parents with kids that are soon to fly off, or who have flown off already. Ones that have kids that are married, in College and even ones stuggling with a relationship with one or more of their kids.
I am disabled, ughhh, I hate saying that over and over. But, I do have intrests such as the arts. I do all kinds of crafts and will hopefully have an inventory of knitted items, jewelry, paintings, home decor, etc. I even love to work in the garden, remodeling our new home which my body has limited me on but, I still try to do and am always looking for new ideas on how to get it accomplished.
I would like to trade stories, ideas, etc with anybody who can relate. To me it does not matter if you are a young mother, because if you like art or crafts like I do, we definitly need to talk. If you are disabled, we definitly can talk and if you are a Empty nester, I know we have a lot to talk about. It seems a whole nuther life begins when they leave and if they are in College. It is almost like they really are not gone, just spending the night a few thousand miles away! Especially since we are still supporting them somewhat.
So, if you are a Empty Nester, you enjoy arts and crafts, contests, or are disabled, and you have a blog, or not, come visit and play with me. And of course young moms or older moms are welcome! I will be having more contests, probably starting this month, and will be talking more about my kids, Sarah, Leah and Mason and how it is going with them.
Mason, who is the most active one and I have the most videos of, gets talked about too much. I also want to talk more about my daughters. One that works, who is married and has been trying to get pregnant for a while. She is now on fertility drugs. This is Sarah and her husband Michael. They are facing many challenges with Michael loosing his job and trying to train for another in Ohio which has a high unemployment rate. Then the other that has disowned us, Leah. Who is so talented, and could be so successful but, got involved with the wrong guy that has complete control of her and her every move. She decided that because we won't let her take advantage of us or because we won't help support her indigent lifestyle, we are the ultimate in evil, and we don't love her or refuse to accept her for how she wants to live. Well, the last part is right. We willnever accept or support her when she chooses to live how she is living. But, we love her and know how smart and talented she is. She should be a huge success right now like her brother. But, for the last 3 years or more she has been on the streets or living in holes in the walls, partying, jumping from one job to another and living off the state.
I know that no family is perfect and everyone has their own dysfunction. This is what I like about meeting others so we can share not only the wonderful, but, the scary. I would like to see us come together like most communities do to share in our commonalities, worship, and have fun with contests and hobbies, talents.
So, this is the start of a new direction for my blog. I hope I meet some new people and introduce you to all my other great blogger friends. One of which designed my new look. Isn't it fabulous? One smart lady, and so talented with the cutest kids! I was blessed to run across her one day.
Hopefully when I get my prize finished, you all will enter and we will meet new subscribers we can share our lives with.

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Momnerd said...

Michele, you're amazing and I'm so lucky to have you in my life! Even if we are in different stages of life. I just wish we could be IRL friends too. I will watch for empty nesters with blogs and send them your way if I find them!