Monday, June 22, 2009

Ok, Ok, I can tell you what ONE of the Wins is...

It sure was a great weekend for Papa!

I entered quite a few contests last week hoping I could get SOMETHING for Papa for Fathers Day. It is no fun being broke, and not working so I can at least have some money in my pocket. Everytime I spend money, Papa knows and he never lets me spend any money on him. Shoot, I have a hard time getting him to spend more then $20 for a pair of jeans or pants! So, imagine how hard it is to do something for him. I have to sneak everything.

Even though was not the Tractor or 10k worth or tools, it is something he does need. And you cannot ask for a more quality product either! No more cheap sunglasses for my man! These are the REAL Aviator sunglasses by RE! I am so happy that I was able to win these for him. Yes, it would have been nice to win some HUGE prize, but, this win on top of "the other win" I recieved the same day, he really did score! I could not have planned it better for him on Fathers day! I was able to surprise him which is hard to do! Somehow he ALWAYS finds out what I am getting him.

These are the perfect style of sunglasses for Papa!

There are countless aviator styles out there, but only one Randolph Engineering. Built for the U.S. Military, the RE Aviator surpassed their rigid specifications standards. RE can be seen in movies like Apollo 13 and Armageddon (Love these movies!) and have been listed on Michael Bastian’s Top 10 Essentials for Men. They run around $99 for a basic pair and can reach up to $160 depending on lenses.

I still have "The Mom Fuse" button on my side bar for the Fathers Day Giveaway she was having on her site. She gave away a ton of prizes! And still is. I just need to get a new button to post now so you all can click and find some contests to enter. She also has other great things on her site also, such as parenting, recipes, crafts, fab finds, etc. She also has a monthly giveaway!

A huge thanks to "Mom Fuse" and a huge hug and kisses to Papa for being the best Papa I could ever want and have for our children! Papa I love you baby and you Rock our World!


cindy said...

that is great news~~ I agree those glasses would look great on him~~

Anonymous said...

Thank you for Fathers Day!!!
You never stop ceasing to surprise me even when you let me think I know what your up to.

And as far as the tight wad reputation goes...thats not a bad thing in this economy especially on one income that provides for our needs but not neccesarily all our wants.

As long as I have you close to me I have everything I want and need.


Momnerd said...

Those will look great on him! Very nice! And congratulations on such a successful weekend!

Michele said...

He is only the tight wad when it comes to himself.

When it comes to me, he is completely reckless giving me everything I want!