Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Papa's Day!!

Well, what a weekend for Papa!
I recieved 2 win notifications totaling over 3 grand, both for Papa!
I will post as soon as it is all official, don't want to jinx it, but, I bet most of you can guess what the big prize is since it was all because of YOU! And even though it was suppose to be going to Mason, he traded it to Papa for the car! Hmmm, the car is worth MUCH more! But, we can't ship it down to him or fit it in the car. So, we will keep it and save a TON of gas by Papa using it. He is totally excited, so is Mason now that he has a car to use!
So, a huge thanks to all of you for making Papa and Mason's weekend! I can only hope everyone elses is as wonderful as ours is turning out to be!


cindy said...

I knew you're were going to win that contest. So what was the other win that you won?

Michele said...

I guess I can tell you the other one! Her button "Mom Fuse" is on my site and she did claim me as the winner.

It is the Aviator Sunglasses. I think I entered it a couple days before when I was entering to try and win something for Papa.

They are worth 99 dollars. I was so excited to get two notices in one day! I know it has happened to you but not me! Especially with the big one!

So far that is the highest prize amount I have won after the trip.

I just hope I don't mess up the emails or paper work or anything on the big prize. I read the rules and you cannot advertise their companies etc for anything so I deleted the post about the prize info until after it is safely in my possession!

I have heard of people loosing prizes after they post somewhere that they won on OS. Not going to take that chance.

You and everyone at brickfish were great along with everyone that came and voted on my blog everyday. Here I was worried they would think my entry was stupid since it was not like the rest where people worked hard at doing things for the envriroment. But, i guess it did ok..probably last place!

Papa was so excited and is already picking out helmets. I have the perfect place right around the corner to take a picture of us with the win.

Now I am just dying to see who the other winners are. I hoping it is some of the ones I voted for! We will soon see.

danandmarsh said...

Wow! I am estastic for you!!!! Great going!! Your on a role.......keep it up! :)

Huguette E. said...

Congrats Michele!! You deserve it!