Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wanna Win a Dyson?

I want one and I even have a Oreck!

Now, My Orek works great, but, it just so happens it sucks so hard it is hard for me to push since you all know my arms don't work that well!

I am thinking this will transform to move itself and all I have to do is guide it! Plus I am hoping I can turn it into a blower to blow off my porches, drive way and then it will extend all the way up to blow off my roof and all the gunk in my gutters. Yes, it can be done!

Just click here: Enter to win a Dyson from Mamaanista! And follow the directions for entry. You can even earn extra entries if you want.

To learn more click: Dyson.

Just think of all the possibilities this machine can turn into to help you out, especially when you are disabled!

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