Friday, June 12, 2009

Wow, what service!!

I can't tell you who it is, at least not until I am able to buy the gift for my husband because I don't want him to figure it out. But, I have never gotten such unsolicited help from a website like this in all my years of buying off the internet.
I tried add what I wanted to purchase and then the computer froze up and it would not let me continue. So, I decided to just wait and look later.
Next thing I know, I am getting an email from a wonderful lady asking if I was having problems and if she could help.
How COOL is that?
She told me they were a new site and wanted to make sure that their customers were not experiencing problems and that she would be glad to help me in any way she could.
Who does that?
These folks do. And they have exactly what I want and I am sure every mother or father would love to have one too, but, not the one I am trying to buy! He, will just have to wait till I can afford it and give it to Papa before I can tell you what it is. Unless you email me, then I can tell you. Papa reads my blogs, but, not my emails!
So, contact me if you need to know now, or look out for when I finally get one and give it to Papa. He will freak. I know for a fact he wants one, and will flip when he sees it. Even Kids would love this! Maybe I will order a extra one, smaller of course for a contest. Hold onto your hats folks, this is one company that is really looking after their customers, even when you don't know it!


Michele said...


It is driving Papa nuts.

He asked me about its value and if it appreciates as far as a business outlook.

I really confused him that in his mind it will forever appreciate in value and then depending on the market, in the next 2-3 years it could even appreciate even MORE depending on circumstances that MIGHT happen. Ha, Ha.

It is just KILLING him, he is the type you can't even put presents under the tree until the morning of Christmas because he is worse then any kid in having to HAVE to knoe what is in it!!

This plays into the fact that if I was making my own income, I would be able to afford this. But, no, my disability is taking already 2 years and I might have to wait another 2 unless I sell my crafts or win a contest. This is what makes me feel sick. If I could work to afford the things I want for my family...I would be out there doing it now. So much I want to be able to give and provide for them, and I can't.

Soon, Soon. But, this company is the coolest and I am going through them, probably a few times when I do get my money. And all of you should too!

Momnerd said...

LOL, you've got me in serious suspense too! I am going to have to email you. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog, as usual. Sorry I've been so busy!

Michele said...

I hope all you are finding the website ok.

Thanks for all the emails!

I wanted to also mention to look out, they might come on line and ask if you need any assistance when you least expect it. It is almost like having a sales person there to help you personally like they do in the brick and morter stores!