Monday, June 1, 2009

We have a Winner!

Using Random Dot Org I was able to come up with a winner and that is:
Your persistance paid off!! Congratulations!
I will send you an email for your info so I can get it mailed off to you. Please contact me within the week.
I cannot thank everyone enough for all the efforts you went through to put our entry in the number one spot for the last couple of months. There were so many wonderful entries I was up against and so lucky to have had the support I had from every one. I did leave a comment on Brick fish and I wanted to post it here so you all can see a little more to the story of living out here. We are in love with our home here in the woods and this entry is a true testement to the wonderful and different world it really is out here.
This is what I posted:
I can't thank you all enough for all your support especially when there are so many other entries that are of people doing so much more and educationg others to the importance of saving our world for generations to come. I have been truly blessed, and my story is just a piece of sand in the sandbox I live in. I am the guest in this wonderful wilderness amid all kinds of critters along with the deer above which is one in a family of 5 that come regularly to visit. (They also like to eat the bird food, gotta hang it a little higher) The other day we were outside where the humingbirds are like flies swarming around you. I guess having feeders might be the culprit. They were having so much fun flying and diving around each other about 3 of them slammed into my chest. Oops...but, I prefer them over the bees anyday. Then one of the Blue cardinals that hangs out in the trees off the back patio decided to come in the house for a short visit. He seemed to fly from plant to plant checking out the place and even hopped around the 5ft tall cat perch to see if anyone was home looking in all the little holes where the cats usually curl up. Maybe he was looking to play with the cats? It was almost as if he knew what he was doing because he just flew out the door when he was done checking us out without us having to try and shoo him out. He just seems to stare at us from the trees like a person does a soap opera from the couch. I wish you could see all the colors in the birds and all the different kinds such as yellow finches, purple martins, red and blue cardinals, wood peckers,and don't forget hummingbirds etc. Then there are the wild rabbits that seem to hop out of nowhere and give me a startle when I am hanging outside trying to garden, though I cannot do much since becoming disabled. Thank goodness I have all my vegies in hanging moss baskets or I am sure the rabbits would be munching down on those. For now they seem contect with the grass and weeds. But, I do throw some extras down when I am harvesting for a salad. The moss is dripping off the trees and one of these days I will get pictures of the birds and trees so I can show everyone how beautiful it is here and blessed we are to live here. I know with everyone working together and helping to educate others, this world I live in will thrive forever as well as other places that need to be cleaned up and restored back to its original state. We cannot fight the growth, but, we can grow with our surroundings and not against it. With the education a lot of the entries are doing we are sure to help our next generation learn and develope even better technology and ways to improve the only world we have. This contest has shown me how many people out there that really care and that are actively doing something to make a difference. I am so proud to have met so many of you and to be a part of this campaign that has encouraged people to make a change in our world for the better.


Michele said...

Huguette left a message 27 times!
There were so many that voted but, did not leave a message and I want to thank you so much for this. I wish I had prizes for all of the persistant voters! Next time I will make the contest easier, just a comment! I am hoping to create my own jewelry that you all will like! Thanks so much and now it is time for the long wait to find out the winners at Brick Fish. I am really hoping we win so that Mason will be able to have this for getting around down at School in Arizona. Either that our so I can criuse around the neighborhood to the market since I don't have a car anymore. Keep your fingers crossed and say a little pray.
Thanks again and congrats to Huguette from Canada!

danandmarsh said...

Congratulations Huguette

cindy said...

Congrats to Huguette!!

Beeb said...

Congrats to Huguette, and my fingers are crossed for you!