Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mason, off to the US Championships?

Yes, he has qualified, but, has yet to be declared. The coaches are taking him along with another 8 Track and field Athletes to compete against the best in the US and to see who will go to the World Championships in Berlin, Germany.

His illness for the past few months really set him back but, his fastest time of 1:47.76 during the beginning of the season, kept him on the list. Now we are waiting for him to be declared!

Though he says his training and strength is not back to 100%, we can't be more please that he will just be there! He will at least learn a lot of what it will be like when he returns the following year and hopefully take home the GOLD! He will at least be able to get over the nervousness of being around the best talent in Track and Field in the US including Pros and Olympic Contenders!

You go Mason, we hope to see you on TV, but, we will be patient and wait till next year if we have to. Either way, you are the Champ for everything you have accomplished your first year!


danandmarsh said...

WOW!!! WTG!! You must be PROUD parents!! good luck to Mason!

Michele said...

Thanks Marsha!
He has been declared now and are positive he is running.

We are so proud he is there among the top Track and field athletes in the US. This is just an exceptional opportunity for him.

If he makes it past the prelims I will be beside myself. Especially since he has not been able to train for 3 or so months when he was sick.

But, if he does go to the semi-finals it will be on TV on Friday. And by some miracle he places in the semi-finals they will run the finals on Sunday and it will also be on TV, one of the top 3 Networks, NBC? Not sure.

Just being there is going to give him a lot. He will know what toexpect and his nerves will not be wigging out on him. But, of course he has never been one to let his nerves get to him. Always calm and cool, just like his Papa.

I just know by his senior year, when it is time for the Olympics, he will be there and I know he will make the team. When he sets a goal. He always accomplishes it.